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At the Taco Station we take pride in giving back to the community. We support all organization who care for the wellbeing of others through church, sports, clubs, cars, colleges etc… At Taco Station we make it easy for fundraising events. The procedures are as follows:

  1. Request a date and time. We typically block out 5 hours for your fundraiser.
  2. Download are JPG file with our logo and create your flyer. We require that our logo take up at least ¼ of your page, have our webpage, address and phone number. (, 4088 Mission Inn Ave. Riverside, Ca. 92501, (951-782-8226).
  3. Be creative in distributing the flyer. Social media always help. E-mail the flyer to your friends. Remember, the success of your fundraising efforts relies on your ability to promote the event and the ability to spark interest and get folks behind your cause. Create excitement!
  4. 20% of sales, including Alcohol, generated by your supporters will be donated back to you minus the sales tax.
  5. Withing 5 days we will give you a check of the money raised.

Save logo image: