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Welcome, to your local Taco Station! Take a drive down memory lane to this historic spot where you can enjoy Delicious Mexican Food and little of old Riverside Old Town Riverside.

Taco Station is conveniently located in Historic Downtown Riverside, at 4088 Mission Inn AVE. Mission which use to be 7th St.  7th St. is where the 60 FWY interstate would travel until it was move over to its current location.  Brockton Ave. the cross street use be called Walnut St. This is a must see destination for all! Quality service, cleanliness, and a friendly staff await you in the showroom.

The Taco Station is located on Historic Route 60. This 1950s nostalgic location was once a Shell Gas Station, fueling automobiles along their drive to the Mission Inn Hotel and Palm Springs California. That old closed down Shell Gas Station has now been converted into a nostalgic Restaurant. The Taco Station features traditional home style Mexican cooking. Our showroom offers indoor and outdoor seating, easy listening music, a covered patio with flowing misters during the summer to cool down your engines, outdoor televisions, sports channels, and a large selection of cold beers and soon to come cocktails.

We’re glad to re-fuel or top off your tank for your next long trip. We offer a Self Service Full menu, Full Service Menu, Accessories Menu, Fluids Menu and a Catering Menu. Now, let us take you for a short drive through our menu.

From our Self Service Menu you can tune up with a Muffler (burrito), new Brake Pads (tacos), or a couple of new Pistons (taquitos), Hubcaps (Torta) etc…well we’ve got them all.

Need an overhaul try our Full Service Combos? We offer Regular Combo (3 Tacos, Beans, Rice, Chips and a Drink), Ethyl Combo (Quesadilla, Beans, Rice Chips and a Drink), etc… Folks, these baby are filled with all of the best engine additives you can imagine.

Perhaps you just stopped by for something from our parts and accessory menu.  We offer Churros, Fresh Guacamole, Fresh Salsa, French Fries, etc…

How about something with a little sea breeze. We offer the best Shrimp Cocktails, Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tacos from coast to coast and the Sea of Cortez (Los Cabos). You can wash them down with our large selection of Mexican Beers, Domestic Beers, Imported Beers and our proud Local Riverside Brewed Beers.

Need to cool off your radiator? Then fill up with a drink from our soda fountain or traditional style glass bottles of Coca Cola, Sprite, and Orange soda.

On your early morning drive stop by for our Breakfast Menu. We offer Breakfast Mufflers (Burritos) and traditional Mexican Breakfast (Chorizo, Machaca, Juevos Rancheros etc…)

We hope you routine maintenance visit will leave you showroom condition.

Remember, we’re here for all of your service needs, bumper to bumper. The Taco Station offers you service with a smile at every fill up.

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