ts275 Welcome, to your local Taco Station! As long as you dropped by, let us take you for a short drive through our menu. We’re glad you stopped in to re-fuel, top off your tank, or maybe just check the oil. As long as you’re here, let our service station attendants offer you the following maintenance.

Just finished a long trip? Feeling a little dry? Taking a lunch break? Taking a dinner break? Well let us offer you something from the fluids menu. Need some antifreeze, then try some of our delicious hot coffee. Need to cool off your radiator, then try some of our fresh fruit drinks, or traditional soda pop.

Now let’s talk about fueling that engine. To keep your motor running and prepare you for the next long trip, try something from our main menu. Need something hearty, try our diesel, regular taco, and unleaded specials. If you really need an overhaul, try revving your engine up with our super-unleaded taco special. Folks, that baby is filled with all of the best engine additives you can imagine.

For some of you who need to dock your boat to re-fuel, how about something with a little sea breeze. We offer the best fish tacos from coast to coast and the Sea of Cortez. Perhaps you just stopped by for something from our parts and accessory menu. Just need a muffler (burrito), new brake pads (tacos), or a couple of new pistons (taquitos), well we’ve got them all. And you can top them all off with some of our delicious salsas.
We hope this routine maintenance visit has left you once again in showroom condition. Remember, we’re here for all of your service needs, bumper to bumper. The Taco Station offers you service with a smile at every fill up.

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